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Thursday, 6 November, "Teátrum-Hajó", 18h Aura on the desktop? Art after the age of technical reproduction: discussion on media art

Participants of the discussion: Miklós Peternák and Nikolett Erőss, art historians, Béla Bacsó, aesthetician, and János Sugár, artist.
Moderator: Éva Bora

Walter Benjamin writes in 1936: "One might subsume the eliminated element in the term "aura" and go on to say: that which withers in the age of mechanical reproduction is the aura of the work of art. This is a symptomatic process whose significance points beyond the realm of art. One might generalize by saying: the technique of reproduction detaches the reproduced object from the domain of tradition. By making many reproductions it substitutes a plurality of copies for a unique existence. And in permitting the reproduction to meet the beholder or listener in his own particular situation, it reactivates the object reproduced. These two processes lead to a tremendous shattering of tradition which is the obverse of the contemporary crisis and renewal of mankind."

With this discussion, we explore the situation today, at the turn of the 21st century, in the age of information and digitalisation, when the reproduction is also digitalised, and the actual, real appearance of artworks in the given case is on the monitor of the home computer connected to the World Wide Web.
Wednesday, 12 November, 18h Aura tour - informal public exhibition visit, I Guide: Dr. László Beke, Director of the Art History Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA)

While the exhibition is on view, we await the interested visitors with subjective-provocative guided tours on two occasions. On this first occasion, László Beke offers an interpretation of the presented works, and in anticipation of the audience reaction, in the presence of the artists, an opportunity is created for the critical, polemical discussion of the artworks.
Thursday, 20 November, 18h
[Date changed]
Aura tour - informal public exhibition visit, II Guide: Attila Till

Breaking the calm of the week, Attila Till addresses the works on view, but he won't leave the artists and the audience cold, either...
Friday - Sunday, 28-30 November, Hall D Presentation of prize-winning works from the "Freestyle Computing" competition

Friday, 28 November, 16h
Announcement of results of the "Freestyle Computing" competition for youngsters under age 19

The prize-winners of the creative computing competition for youngsters under the age of 19, organised for the first time in Hungary, point beyond formal knowledge, with the works first and foremost reflecting the interest of the students, from games to the digital lifestyle, from homepages, through programming, to interactive web-based applications - and other things we cannot yet even imagine...
Saturday - Sunday, 29-30 November, Auditorium, 17h Film Screenings

Roman Polanski: Knife in the Water
Cinematographer: Jerzy Lipman
Cast: Leon Niemczyk, Jolanta Umecka, Zygmunt Malanowicz
1962, b&w, 97 perc

Gábor Altorjay: TØRN!
Remake and/or interpretation?
An extraordinary birthday present! The remake of Roman Polanski's film, Knife in the Water, forty years later!
Gábor Altorjay shot a new film. Gábor Altorjay re-shot a film legend. The aura of the presentation! Premiere screening in Budapest at the Aura exhibition!
Is the aura of interpretation a remake? Find the aura!

Cinematographer: Tom Dokoupil
Cast: Martina Schiesser, Catherine Dehaag, Leon Feldman
colour, in English, 84 min.
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