magyar nyelven
Szilvia Tóth - Gáspár Benedek - Keez Duyves SFEER Interactive Virtual Tour of Amsterdam, 2003
Special thanks to: Merna, Michael, Stefan, Steven, Bas, Daan, Joshi, Remco, Stye, Thijs
Sponsors: Board of the Hungarian State Eötvös Scholarship, PIPS:lab Foundation

On our city tour reminiscent of computer adventure games - interspersed with numerous divarications, intersections and dead-ends, with the direct immediacy of the experience, we can live out the process of our daily choices, and moreover, not only once their decisive consequences. The visitor can choose a protagonist from among five people who have arrived from different cultures. As a consequence of our tour through the individual perspective of our actors, we not only see the events, but we become a part of the story, with the opportunity to repeat and change our decisions. "Getting under the skin" of other actors, the opportunity opens for making the acquaintance of parallel walks of life in the city.
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