magyar nyelven
Anikó Szövényi Self-releasers Fictive teleport gates, 2003

The small release buttons placed around the exhibition area represent the idea of teleportation. Instead of the customary functions on the keyboard of the computer, the commands of the eternal desire for dislocation, "to be-suddenly-elsewhere", "to disappear from here" are displayed, like some sort of fictive teleport-gates.

My goal is to build up a worldwide network of the reciprocal exchange of similar nomadic desires. Hence, no matter where I travel, I install these imaginary teleport stations in public places, in the vicinity of other types of communication channels - e.g., telephone booths, water taps, doors, traffic-directing boxes, etc. The stations of the worldwide network of self-releasers linked until now include New York, Boston, Starslund (Germany), Venice, Pécs (Hungary) and now Budapest.
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