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Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (Mexico/Canada) Amodal Suspension Interactive installation, 2003
YCAM - Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, Yamaguchi, Japan

Project accessible online between 1-24 November 2003:

From 1- 24 November 2003, short text messages sent by people over the Internet or by cell phone will be converted into patterns of flashing lights in the sky, with a network of 20 robotically-controlled searchlights, turning the Japanese city of Yamaguchi into a giant communication switchboard. The piece will be located in the public space around the new YCAM Center and will be accessible through address

Amodal Suspension will create an interactive mesh of light over the city, a floating cloud of data that can be written on and read. The piece will provide a connective platform in which local residents and remote participants from different regions and countries can establish ad hoc relationships. While visualising the traffic of information on an urban scale, the piece is also intended as a deviation from the assumed transparency of electronic communication.
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